John’s Shoes was established in 1966 by Mr John Wilson.

About Us

Prior to 1966 John had been a commercial artist but realised it wasn’t what he really wanted to do.
His father in law was selling shoes on Leicester market at the time and John would help him out on his days off.

He got a feel for the markets and decided to buy some stock for himself to sell but not on Leicester market as he didn’t want to compete with his father in law. He decided to travel to Derby one day and got in the casual queue for the Morledge market, he got a pitch and had a great first day and really enjoyed it.

He decided this is what he wanted to do and gave his job up as a commercial artist and never looked back.

Over the years he built the business with the help of his wife (June) and their employees and got a good reputation for supplying comfort fitting footwear.

He ran the business until his retirement in year 2000 and his nephew (Malcolm Pratt) took over and Malcolm still runs the business to this day, still supplying comfort fitting shoes.

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