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What you will need:

  • 5 spare minutes
  • Blank piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape or a piece of string

1. Take a blank piece of paper and a pen. Lay the piece of paper against a wall on a flat surface, example (wood or vinyl floor).

2. Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall. Draw a line across the peice of paper at the longest part of your foot (usually your 1st or 2nd toe) or get a friend to do it for you!

3. Now take your foot off the paper, draw a straight line from the edge of the paper where your heel was to the line that you have just drawn, measure the length and note down the result. Take this measurement for both feet. If they are different use the larger length.

4. Compare the length of your foot to this table to get your shoe size.

cm reading shoe size cm reading shoe size cm reading shoe size
21.6 2 25.2 6.5 28.8 11
22.0 2.5 25.6 7 29.6 12
22.4 3 26 7.5 30.4 13
22.8 3.5 26.4 8 31.2 14
23.2 4 26.8 8.5    
23.6 4.5 27.2 9    
24.0 5 27.6 9.5    
24.4 5.5 28 10    
24.8 6        

5. Now take a measuring tape, measure around the largest part of your foot, usually from the big toe joint to the little toe joint and note down the circumference. Take this measurement for both feet and again if they are different use the larger width.

6. Take your shoe size and the width measurement and compare to the table below to find your width fitting.

Shoe Size            
14  28.0cm  28.6cm  29.0cm  29.7cm  30.3cm   31.5cm
13  27.4cm  28.0cm  28.4cm  29.1cm  29.7cm   30.9cm
12  26.6cm  27.4cm  27.8cm  28.5cm  29.1cm   30.3cm
11  26.0cm  26.8cm  27.2cm  27.9cm  28.5cm   29.7cm
10 25.4cm 26.0cm 26.7cm 27.3cm 27.9cm 29.1cm
9.5 25.1cm 25.7cm 26.3cm 27cm 27.6cm 28.8cm
9 24.8cm 25.4cm 26cm 26.7cm 27.3cm 28.5cm
8.5 24.5cm 25.1cm 25.7cm 26.3cm 27cm 28.2cm
8 24.1cm 24.8cm 25.4cm 26cm 26.7cm 27.9cm
7.5 23.8cm 24.5cm 25.1cm 25.7cm 26.3cm 27.6cm
7 23.5cm 24.1cm 24.8cm 25.4cm 26cm 27.2cm
6.5 23.2cm 23.8cm 24.5cm 25.1cm 25.7cm 26.9cm
6 22.9cm 23.5cm 24.1cm 24.8cm 25.4cm 26.6cm
5.5 22.6cm 23.2cm 23.8cm 24.5cm 25.1cm 26.3cm
5 22.2cm 22.9cm 23.5cm 24.1cm 24.8cm 26cm
4.5 21.9cm 22.6cm 23.2cm 23.8cm 24.5cm 25.7cm
4 21.6cm 22.2cm 22.9cm 23.5cm 24.1cm 25.4cm
3.5 21.3cm 21.9cm 22.6cm 23.2cm 23.8cm 25.1cm
3 21cm 21.6cm 22.2cm 22.9cm 23.5cm 24.8cm
2.5 20.7cm 21.3cm 21.9cm 22.6cm 23.2cm 24.4cm
2 20.4cm 21cm 21.6cm 22.2cm 22.9cm 24.1cm

Example: A foot which measured a size 6 and has a width reading of 24.1cm would be a EE fitting.

Well done!! You can now order the correct fitting shoes with confidence!

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